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GoodGovern offers a suite of solutions that can be implemented individually or as part of a larger governance framework. Their dynamic nature makes these solutions suited to a range of organisations, from those that are nascent in their corporate governance and sustainability journey or those who are keen to reimagine impact.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance has moved beyond compliance to a robust structure incorporating the interests of all stakeholders. Boards realise that a comprehensive governance framework is a crucial tool as they strive to align stakeholder expectations and reimagine the impact of their organisation beyond just their customers, products or services.

Governance Audit
Board Evaluation
Board Composition
Succession Planning
Digital Board Management

Good Governance

Research shows that over 60% of employees and nearly 80% of customers seek to associate with companies that demonstrate sustainable and inclusive practices; and 88% of investors consider ESG practices when making investment decisions. For most organisations, the message is clear – adopt sustainable business practices or lose relevance.

This awareness drives many progressive organisations to move beyond the regulator-driven corporate governance framework and elevate their models to encompass ESG and other broader governance parameters. GoodGovern works with organisations to implement, track and measure impact across these emerging areas of governance.

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR
Sustainability/ ESG Strategy
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Reputation Risk Management

Board Development

Boards deal with the most complex challenges and carry a very high level of responsibility. Its members need skills, knowledge, and access to the best advice and information to meaningfully deliver on their roles. Induction, regular training, and continuous support helps ensure that Board members are abreast of industry and global developments and can effectively play their part in the Board and its committees. More evolved Boards also invest in the Individual and team effectiveness of its members, and business and technical areas. GoodGovern works with some of the best academic institutes and individual leaders to support the Board's learning agenda.

Board Training CLP (Continuous Learning Program)
Director Induction
Coaching for the Board
Certification for Aspiring Directors

Governance for Start-ups: Soonicorns to Unicorns

The past decade has put India on the start-up success journey. From Delivery Services to Healthtech, Personal care to Fintech & Regtech, a long list of start-up leaders vying for customers, investors and market share across categories.

Start-ups, driven by the enthusiasm and confidence of their founders and big on ideas and innovation, have little time for the nitty-gritty of academic-sounding issues like Corporate Governance etc. However, start-ups also change shape very fast. Sometimes they are confronted with a vast opportunity that often requires far-reaching calls in governance, sustainability, ESG, Risk management, and Compliance.

In these early stages, start-ups must make some long-term decisions; that is where the focus on governance comes into the picture. Sure, the founders have the vision and the gumption to take their idea to market. But the decisions that don’t seem to be relevant immediately –future funding, ESG commitment, new markets, talent pipeline, etc. – is where an engaged set of people, who are a step away from the day to day operations, must weigh in.

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